Stump Grinding & Removal
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A stump grinder is a power tool that removes tree stumps by means of a rotating cutting disk that chips or 'grinds' away the wood.

We can remove stumps of any size to provide an aesthetically pleasing service and to stop the growth of fungus or other decay matter.

Stump grinding is usually required if you want to concrete or pave over the area, replant over it and to also remove the unsightly stump from the tree for a more aethestically pleasing result.

Sydney City Mulch and Tree Services has access to a range of stump grinders to suit the needs of any job.

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Other Services


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firefox-grayFelling & Tree Removal

For large or mature trees.

firefox-grayThinning & Pruning

Pruning needs to be carried out when branches have become dangerous due to storm damage. Branches that overhang houses and obstruct power lines and pathways also need to be pruned before they become hazardous. Thinning of branches can also be carried out to allow more light into the garden.

firefox-grayMulch Sales

The use of mulch reduces water evaporation and keeps soil moisture levels higher. We carry large loads of freshly chipped mulch as it is a very important addition to your garden especially during the warmer months.


firefox-grayLand Clearing

We have a wide range of experience providing service in this field for developers and building contractors as well as private home owners. We meet and exceed customers expectations by providing an efficient clearing and leaving the site clean and tidy ready for development before leaving.


We chip on site using our 18 inch Vermeer Chipper which allows us to handle any size job.


firefox-gray24 Hour Emergency Service

We provide 24 hour 7 day a week emergency service for any size job after severe storm damage. SCMTS provide emergency assistance so you can call at any time and be guaranteed a fast and reliable service.



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